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Old-fashioned nail polishes and traditional gel nails can contain harsh chemicals and odors that are bad for you. Beauty doesn’t have to be painful. We eliminated all the bad stuff so your nails can stay healthy and look beautiful.
Traditional fingernail polish contains the chemical formaldehyde, known to be a human carcinogen by US health agencies. Haute Polish contains no formaldehyde, making our polish completely safe to use!
Solvents are identified by their strong “fume smells” commonly associated with nail polish. Haute Polish’s revolutionary formula eliminates the need for solvents. No more fumes & more importantly, no more hazardous carcinogens that may harm nail health, resulting in thinner & weaker nails.
With our convenient remover pockets, you have the option to remove your gel nails wherever, whenever. Just open the remover pockets, place your nails inside, and after a few moments your nails are ready to be peeled off. No huss and fuss. Now how’s that for convenience?
Some gel nail manicure removers require you to soak your fingers in harsh chemicals that weaken the gel polish for removal. This method can leave skin dry. Because of our remover pockets, soaking your fingernails isn’t needed.