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Industry best, top innovation in gel manicure.
We made Haute Polish easy by innovating one ground breaking formulation that does it all. Old fashioned gel nail systems require various products including a gel base coat, gel polish lacquer and a gel top coat to achieve flawless gel nails.
Haute Polish features an "all-in-one" formula that eliminates the time and hassle of using multiple products.
*Get 20 second curing using the Haute Polish Pro LED light.
Research and trials of traditional polish helped our engineers fabricate the Haute Polish formula into a revolutionary gel nail polish. Haute Polish enhances the goods of traditional nail polish in a One-Step fast application. Step into a new revolution towards long-lasting, shiny, beautiful nails.
The LED smart light introduces a compact cure light that you can take anywhere. With the ability to paint and go, you can have that professional gel nail shine anywhere in minutes.